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Rage Against The Machine - Tammy [Fat Bitch Remix] lyrics

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1.2.3. kick it!!!!

This is the Fat Bitch Remix!!!

Bitch i hate your guts, you really make me mad so just shut up and
go back to f*cking your dad,
how could he wanna be with you cus you make me sick with the things you do
were coming back with the remix crew
singing a mutha f*ckin song just about you!!
how can you be so unfair
just cus Mark saw your dads underwear.
you didn´t have to send him that text just to ask him for sex
you that desperate?


F*ck You Tammy
Burn in hell
F*ck you Tammy
suck Marks bell (x2)

So cut the Bullshit cus you want a death wish?
go back to fingering the fish
Trying to think Mark will give you a Kiss!!!
It isn´t like your his type of dish
so when you see me with your sister that way
think about it ,Mark didn´t want you cus he has Gay!!
Go back to your childish comments
saying i am bent!!!
when Mark went to see you on the corner it was money well spent!!!
It got you off my back but your pimp gave you the sack
you aint got a job
but you wanna suck Mark´s knob!!

repeat chourus

F*ck u Tammy
F*ck your dad
F*ck your Family
F*ck your Fat
(fade to End)

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