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Insyderz - Weebles lyrics

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My Father is the King but I already know this
The light of my life, to Him weary eyes focus
Hung on the cross for the whole world to see
I´ve the light of the world burnin´ insyde of me
He let the lame to walk & the blind to see
A little fish & some bread, a million people to feed
Three days later he arose from the ground
You can knock us over, but we won´t stay down

We are like weebles, but we won´t stay down poo

You better listen up good, we aint fooling around
We are like weebles, but we won´t stay down
I once was lost but now am found

He has the Miracle Worker, the great I Am
Known for many throughout the land
He talked to people about what was right
To save my soul, His life was sacrificed
He saved my soul from a darkened life is end
Always with me He defined a true friend
He opened his hands & let love run free
I stood in the sun & let it pour on me

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