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Insyderz - Walking Dead lyrics

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Everything looks the same
We are all just playing a game
Wonder why your life seems lame
What you need is Jesus name

You smoke your dope & sniff your coke
Messing ´round like your life is a joke
You need a relief & you need it fast
Your quick highs, Man, they won´t last
You say being different is being cool
Every day I see the same in school
Hey man can you bum me a red?
Wish I never got out of bed
You say your life´s a big mistake
That is one thing God doesn´t make
Feeling low, feeling down
It wouldn´t happen if God´s around
I can see the emptiness in your eyes
Your lack & want of Christ is no disguise
In life is stuggles you lose your nerve
Choose this day whom you´ll serve

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