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Insyderz - Trigger Happy lyrics

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Man this world´s going down the tubes
With gangs & guns & drug abuse
For the moment whatcha got to lose
Extend a hand, do what you can do
This is my cry, this is my plea
To make a better society
Do you wanna see insyde of me?
Wake up & smell the coffee
Any punk can point & pull the trigger
But it takes a real man to bite your lip & to take a stand
Any punk can point & pull the trigger
To walk away is a loss of pride but at least you are still alive

Have got to act big, have got to stare me down
You are actin´ stupid like a drunken clown
You could be foolin, may be jokin around
Someday your jokes may put you in the ground
Lord, oh please, I am so confused
Why do they do what they do?
Why can´t they focus more on you?
They´re blind to the truth

Put down your guard, let your fists relax
Don´t need your boys to get your back
Say smth nice, don´t always attack
No one gets hurt, no one gets whacked
Change your style & you´ll see
It´s much better in unity
No more violence, no more pain
Jesus saves from going down the drain

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