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Insyderz - Enthos lyrics

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The walls are closing in on me
I am getting dizzy & it is hard to see
My lungs are heacy & it hurts me to breathe
Can´t lift my head, stare at my feet
It is all getting clear
You tell me I do not wanna hear
I know you see my eyes the fear
I clench my teeth & shut my ears
I have tried it all & I am sick of fighting
The words of the truth made clear in writing
Oh, Lord deliever me!
I wanna be free so I may mount up on wings

For once I do not feel so dead
I can breathe again & lift my head
No longer bound to a life once led
True to everything he said
I wanna fly all around
And not look back or touch the ground
I wanna fly up so high
And look deep into your eyes
Gravity means nothing to me
Just another lock broke free
Against my face the wind will blow
To the world your glory shows
I am tired of Satan´s attacks
Get the devil off my back
Down the tunnel I see the light
Nevermore will I´ve to fight!

Oh, Lord deliver me
I wanna be set free
I wanna fly so high
Look deep into your eyes

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