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Insyderz - Carnival lyrics

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Move over Satan I am a God blessed sinner
Try Chewing on the bread of life, that is what´s for dinner
I´ve got to stand my ground, have got to hold the fort
Have got to pray hard because life is life is to short
Spirit tastes great but the world´s less filling
You can be all you can be but you´ve to be willing
The operator´s standing by. He has waiting for your call
You know your sould is grungy, He has the stain lifter thats all

I have tried it on my own, I cannot just do it
But now I am in good hands
And I know He will see me through it
If you can not say this, get a piece of the Rock
Time is runnin´ out -- Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Many times in life you are going to take a lickin´
But when Jesus Christ has your back,
You are going to keep on tickin´
Tickin´ like a time bomb that is waiting to explode
Without pain & streets of gold is where you are going to go

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