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Insyderz - Buddy Boy lyrics

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I have broke away from a lot of things
That I thought would improve my life
But the one thing taht im sure of is my love for Jesus Christ
Big car, big house, big bank, but still empty insyde
I may not be a superstar
But theres some things money can´t buy
A carefree attitude is what I leave the house with everyday
Because I know if mountains come
They will be moved from my way
I believe in Him with every ounce of faith in me
All my chains will break & I´ll be set free

Because He is the one
I am guaranteed to have fun
If problems come
I´ll not run
No damage will be done

I go on with my life & let Him live through me
Try to set good examples so outsiders can see
You do not have to find your answwers
In the smoke from a toke
Cause Jesus Christ my savior is the only way to go
I know when I die I am going to leave this chunk of dirt
And go to a place with streets of gold
Like nothing seen on earth
You can sit & cry or you can come with me
All you´ve to do is ask of Him & He´ll set you free

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