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Ciara - Goodies <remix> lyrics

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Album: Goodies (2004)

My goodies, my goodies, my goodies
Not my goodies

[verse 1: Jazze Pha]
Ladies & gentlemen
Whoa whoa, whoa
Say, looky, looky, aw suki, suki
Want them goody goodies
That is my pookie tuki G
One girl, get your back up off the wall
Do that ´Matrix´ part, but don´t fall
Aw, naw we aint never done it
You want a hit, stamp SO´ NUFF on it
(Ladies & gentlemen) pay attention
Ciara´s what the game´s been missin´
I aint come here to play with y´all
And naw I do not play no ball, I just ball
Drinks for all y´all, gin gale in it
Put your cups up, Zin Zale sent it

[verse 2: Ciara]
You may look at me & think that I am
Just a young girl
But I am not just a young girl
Baby this is what I am lookin for
Sexy, independent, down-to-spend it type that is gettin´ his dough
I am not bein´ too dramatic, that is the way I´ve got to have it

I bet you want the goodies
Bet you thought about it
Got you all hot & bothered
Maybe cause I talk about it
Lookin´ for the goodies
Keep on lookin´ cause they stay in the jar
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

[verse 3: Ciara]
Just because you drive a Benz
I am not goin´ home wit you
You will not get no nookie or the cookies
I am no rookie
And still I am sexy, independent
I aint wit it, so you already know
I am not bein´ too dramatic, that is the way I´ve got to have it
You may feel slick, tryin´a hit
But I am not dumb
I am not bein´ too dramatic, it is just how I´ve got to have it


[verse 4: T.I.]
You way too hot to keep ya goodies on lock
I do not need a locksmith, I got the key to that box
I want to see you next to me in that drop
Us chillin´ in Tahiti, no shoes, no socks
Maybe in Jamaica, poppin´ bottles on the Yacht
Then back in Miami, grand hustle, no stop
Give it to me cause you want to, I aint workin´ for it
You can keep ya nigga, look at me, look at me
(You think I am payin´ for it)

[verse 5: Ciara]
You are insinuating that I am hot
But these goodies boy, are not
Just for any of the many men, that is tryin´a get on top
No you can not call me later
And I do not want your number
I am not changin´ stories, just respect the play I am callin´

[chorus 2x]

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